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About Sophia's Creator

I was born in a village near Barcelona. My mother and my grandmother sang songs from a place with no time, and told me tales to help me follow my dreams. I learnt about where I was from and I felt family warmth around me - strong roots.

I had one aunt living in another country. She came back to my village once a year with fantastic gifts, things I had never seen before. She explained about the world she was living in - a place where watermelons didn't have seeds! She fed my curiosity to discover the world. She gave me wings.

I left home when I was 20 years old to study in the Netherlands for one year. It was the first time I met distance and I was living in a house with 42 other students. I found myself queuing for a public phone twice a week to be closer to home, to feel that warmth. Internet and mobiles were being introduced to the general public that year, and it looked like these new technologies would be a tool to remove the public phone queue.

At 23 I moved to Hong Kong. The distance came back to stay, ‘When you want to be in another place sometimes, you can’t be there and you have to manage’. The distance became a part of me.

It was also the first time I met modern work life. New technologies started to set the rhythm of life. To be busy was good, but I also saw those parents worried about not being able to go home before their children went to sleep; to give that kiss, to say goodnight, to sing a song, to give warmth to their child. Many times it was not possible, and many times more it was impossible. This all happened in a world spinning so fast, where it was not only urgent but necessary to know where we are from.

I want to return new technologies back to that place, as tools rather than being ruled by them. A tool for a parent to be next to their child when they can’t be there. So that a parent can share their culture with their children through traditional tales and songs passed down through generations. The same songs and tales that built my roots, that give me the warmth when I need to spread my wings.

I created :sophia to be able to provide parents an easy tool to improve quality time with their children, no matter the distance, as well as an space to share and storage popular knowledge.

:sophia invites you to join the community who is building a living library of song and tales that humanity has created to educate children through positive values and stimulate their fantasy and imagination.

VISION: Confident Children

Children can access to heritage of tradition, the family wisdom and new discoveries to develop their identity.

Mission: Empowering Little People

The family is the first teacher and protector. Tradition brings humanity knowledge. New technologies are new tools to solve time and distance constraints. Encourage and promote little peoples' access to tradition and family so they can live, love, feed curiosity and find replies with the new technologies at their service.