Never Be Late Again for a "Good Night"

Sophia is the App, Oohmis the toy with Superpower.

Sophia provides you with a selected compilation of tales and stories. You can share the tales and songs recorded with your own voice with other Sophia storytellers, or you with your little people through Oohmis.

Say "I love you", send a special message or use the power of tales and songs in Sophia to help you. Security and privacy on communications are our top priorities, so you can send recordings with peace of mind.

Download the Sophia App for free and be a storyteller to your little people.

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Traditional culture has been the cradle of wisdom since the dawn of history, being passed down from generation to generation through tales and songs by a fire, by a table, by a bed. Families are the first protectors of, and storytellers to, their little ones.

Yet, time has never been more sacred and so limited as it is now. Where have play, story-telling and the little interactions between parent and child gone?

A child’s identity is shaped by their parents’ support and encouragement. We offer ways that resonate with traditional parenting through access to culture, heritage and family wisdom.

Sophia will help you share traditional tales and songs recordings, or your own stories, with your family to reach your little ones. New technologies can be the tools to overcome time and distance in today’s busy lifestyles. Family can always stay connected.

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About Sophia App

With help from teachers and mothers from different countries, we have compiled a selection of traditional tales and songs in English, German and Spanish.

Keep increasing your own library by adding your favourite tales and songs in your own language (up to 8 minutes each). You can record them with your own voice and share with other Sophia storytellers, with those who are with your little one or send direct to Oohmis.

Security and privacy are our priorities. We take care to ensure that your stories are only for you and your loved ones.

Watch this space; more stories and languages available soon.

Culture is endless. Storytelling is alive!

About Oohmis

Oohmis is with your child and so are you, even when you are not around. Your little one can cuddle Oohmis and listen to your stories and songs over and over again as many times as wanted, feeling close to you through the sound of your voice.

The Oohmis available now are Moon and Igely. Watch this space; more Oohmis will joining the family soon.

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Security and Privacy

This is not a phone. 1 master user and 3 additional users can communicate with each Oohmis.

The master user connects their Oohmis to local WiFi and then Oohmis can send and receive voice messages.

All 4 users can be aware of all the messages exchanged, with a light appearing on the Oohmis whenever it is recording or transmitting.

Security and privacy are our priorities. We take care Oohmis play and record only for the 4 loved ones you decide.

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